Regulatory Compliance

Cryptocurrency and blockchain projects can now rest easy, Cointype provides end-to-end regulatory compliance for centralized and decentralized platforms.

Web3, 2, 1, 0 🚀

Tokenization & Securitization

Decentralized organizations are can now monetize and finance their web3 businesses in a regulatory compliant manner. Welcome to 1-click SEC-compliance.


Whether the utility is payments or rewards, income generation or fractional equity, the upside of issuing networks is captured and securitized through compliant tokens.


Integrated real-time KYC and AML detects and alerts fraudulent activity, and makes sure the business stays clear of government blacklists.


Live monitoring and automated reporting to all relevant bodies including the feds, OCC, FinCen, IRS, SEC, Congress, and the DOJ.

Community Finance


Cointype provides best in class advisory services, helping with the design of tokens, actual network tokenomics, technology tradeoffs, pricing, and more.

Seamless Integration


The Cointype Ecosystem includes smart contract development, minting, issuing, redeeming, trading, and market making across interconnected platforms with complete control and visibility.

Applied DeFi


Aggregated liquidity from the top exchanges, trading pools, and market makers across the Internet

  • High speed

  • Low fees

  • Multiple currencies

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Beyond DeFi

From basic decentralized finance to true closed loop regenerative social finance and community capital, Cointype powers better outcomes for investors, owners, and members.

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